~ Brooke Skye's Vacation Diary Exposed! ~

  This is how it all began...

I arrived at the beach in Honolulu, Hawaii on a fairly cloudy day and some nice gentleman wanted to take my picture and offered to follow me around throughout my travels if I agreed to pay him a little for his work.  I thought that sounded harmless, but I did notice him stare at my ass a little bit, and I kinda liked it... He took a few more with his 35mm camera too!  See...

I was starting to like getting my picture taken, so then we headed over to the boat docks to take a few more photos.  These are a bit more risky... Look!

After strutting around the beach for a while I was beginning to have lots of fun with this guy and I decided to do something I don't normally do and invite him up to my hotel room for some extra special fun pictures if you know what that means...  Look what I did!

Then I did something I wasn't planning on doing, I finger fucked my wet pussy with my panties to the side so I could get access to my slippery horny pussy hole.  He watched me moan and groan while I got myself off in front of him.  Look!

I figured it was getting pretty late since the clock said 1:32am and I let this guy take two final pictures for the evening before I turned in to get my beauty sleep.  Look!

  It's time to start a new day!

I like to start out my day with a good clean bath and little did I know that sneaky fucker was peeking in my window with his camera.  I figured that now would be a good time to tell this guy that I was a lesbian.  It didn't seem to bother him, and he still wanted to keep taking my pictures.  It's time to get out of the bathtub and head over to the beach!

   I hope to meet a girl today...

I want to show off my tight sexy body today and I'm wearing my skimpy blue bikini that is just sure to attract some horny slut that I can meet on the beach today!

  A very cute blonde approached me...

Her name was Jenny and she had such pretty blonde hair.  She noticed that I had sexy perky tits when I flashed my camera friend.  I told her about my villa by the beach and she wanted to come back there with me.  We flung the door open and began French kissing each other in a matter of seconds, it was so hot and very naughty!  Now it's bath time...

After hopping in the sack we eat pussy all night long and fell asleep when our pussies got a little sore.  When we awoke in the morning we fucked again and it got crazy!

  I have one more day on the island...

Since it is my last day in Honolulu, I really wanted to show off my goodies.  I had lots of fun with my friendly photographer and especially Jenny!  My pussy won't forget her I'm sure.  I have a feeling that this guy is going to have fun showing all his friends how he shot some sweet ass pussy these last couple of days and his cock along with his buddies I'm sure will be rock hard.  Here are some more photos!

I've been very naughty, but there is so much more to see!

   Vacation might be over but, you haven't
  seen even 10% of the stuff I want show you!

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How about my fine ass in boy shorts?
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Brooke Skye Has Such A Nice Ass

Brooke Skye Removes Her Short Skirt

Brooke Skye Loves Her Boy Shorts

I'm addicted to my own pussy!
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Brooke Skye Legs Closed In Thong

Brooke Skye Fingers In Her Thong

Brooke Skye Loves Finger Fucking

Here is more of my tight sexy body!
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Brooke Skye Up Close Pussy Look

Brooke Skye Wearing Sexy Lingerie

Brooke Skye In Lacey Black Thong

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